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Batting Partnerships

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1104 Matthew Bubb - Adam Mahoney Wanneroo Cricket ClubF Grade7 1 Warwick Greenwood Cricket Club
2124 Bodie Stretton - Tyson Miller Wanneroo Cricket ClubModern Trophies E Grade1 1 Karrinyup Cricket Club
3147 Jake Demiris - James Duyvestyn Wanneroo Cricket ClubKookaburra A Grade2 1 Kingsley-Woodvale Cricket Club
4124 Ashley Butters - Brendan Lown Wanneroo Cricket ClubH Grade13 1 Sorrento-Duncraig Cricket Club
579 Craig Bowden - Jack Daymond Wanneroo Cricket ClubKookaburra A Grade4 1 Quinns Rocks Cricket Club
659 Brent Keenan - Damian Boardman Wanneroo Cricket ClubH Grade10 1 Warwick Greenwood Cricket Club
779 Damian Boardman - Greg O'Day Wanneroo Cricket ClubH Grade12 1 Marmion Cricket Club
855 Rian Hammond - Damian Boardman Wanneroo Cricket ClubH Grade6 1 Balga Cricket Club
943 Matt Carlisle - Steven O'Day Wanneroo Cricket ClubKookaburra A Grade1 1 Edgewater Cricket Club
1089 Jack Daymond - Jacob Henneberry Wanneroo Cricket ClubKookaburra A Grade12 1 Edgewater Cricket Club

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