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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubNSCCA: Kookaburra A GradeNSCCA: C GradeNSCCA: Modern Trophies E GradeNSCCA: F GradeCricWest: SeniorsNSCCA: H GradeNSCCA: Patrons Cup T20NSCCA: Kookaburra A GradeNSCCA: C GradeNSCCA: Modern Trophies E GradeNSCCA: F GradeCricWest: SeniorsNSCCA: H GradeNSCCA: Patrons Cup T20
Abraham, RijoWanneroo Cricket Club02000000200000
Barnsley, KyleWanneroo Cricket Club94000009400000
Bates, Mykel JWanneroo Cricket Club0021600000216000
Boardman, DamianWanneroo Cricket Club0000020000000200
Boban, StevinWanneroo Cricket Club54000005400000
Borg, TauriWanneroo Cricket Club2000020320000203
Borrello, AlbertWanneroo Cricket Club01000000100000
Borrello, Jonathon JWanneroo Cricket Club1104000011040000
Borrello, LukeWanneroo Cricket Club0160020101600201
Bowden, CraigWanneroo Cricket Club2000020320000203
Bradshaw, NoelWanneroo Cricket Club0000014000000140
Britz, JohnathanWanneroo Cricket Club00050000005000
Bubb, MatthewWanneroo Cricket Club0001800000018000
Butters, AshleyWanneroo Cricket Club00000800000080
Butters, RickWanneroo Cricket Club00000200000020
Cameron, GordonWanneroo Cricket Club00500000050000
Carlisle, MattWanneroo Cricket Club1010000010100000
Clark, DwightWanneroo Cricket Club0005013000050130
Cooke, KieranWanneroo Cricket Club0100000001000000
Davies, KyleWanneroo Cricket Club00200000020000
Dawes, JacksonWanneroo Cricket Club0612000006120000
Daymond, Jack WWanneroo Cricket Club2000020320000203
De Sanctus, JamesWanneroo Cricket Club04200000420000
Demiris, JakeWanneroo Cricket Club2000020320000203
Dowsett, ScottWanneroo Cricket Club0001800000018000
Duina, MichaelWanneroo Cricket Club00820000082000
Dunsire, AndrewWanneroo Cricket Club06850000685000
Duyvestyn, James RWanneroo Cricket Club2000020320000203
Elliott, Liam GWanneroo Cricket Club00200000020000
Erceg, GregWanneroo Cricket Club0019000000190000
Faulks, Kyle MWanneroo Cricket Club1190020311900203
Ferguson, HaydenWanneroo Cricket Club0000017000000170
Ferguson, JakeWanneroo Cricket Club00000200000020
Ferguson, RowanWanneroo Cricket Club00000300000030
Glamuzina, MatthewWanneroo Cricket Club0115300001153000
Gregg, Carl DWanneroo Cricket Club00000200000020
Gregg, PaulWanneroo Cricket Club42000004200000
Grimmond, SeanWanneroo Cricket Club00000100000010
Hammond, Rian AWanneroo Cricket Club0000018000000180
Hammond, RobbieWanneroo Cricket Club00000200000020
Hayles, MarkWanneroo Cricket Club0170000001700000
Healy, MatthewWanneroo Cricket Club00010000001000
Henneberry, JacobWanneroo Cricket Club1910020319100203
Hills, Callum JWanneroo Cricket Club0006014000060140
Jennings, JackWanneroo Cricket Club04800000480000
Johansen, StephenWanneroo Cricket Club0001000000010000
Jones, GlennWanneroo Cricket Club0120000001200000
Keenan, BrentWanneroo Cricket Club0000016000000160
Lavers, Kieren JWanneroo Cricket Club08600000860000
Lee, GlennWanneroo Cricket Club0000018000000180